Friday, December 7, 2012

Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

You can't be a Wizard without a wand.
So, for our Harry Potter Mystery Dinner Party I made a bunch of wands for out Olivander's Wand Shop. This way, the guests could get a wand if they didn't come with their own.
But I was more than impressed with all the wand people brought.  Some were authentic to match their character, others were just cool hand made ones, and we also found "originals" you could buy online, for most every character.

Either way I decided to have some wands.  Most are just generic, not fit for exact characters, but they were still so much fun. I got my inspiration from these two websites:

But in the end, I used what I had on hand...again keeping the price of this party down, since it was getting extravagant and everything adds up.

So I used Chopsticks, paper, foil, pipe cleaners, beads, string, tape, etc.
Plus a whole bunch of hot glue!  Then I just painted them up and let them dry.
There was very little rhyme or reason, I just did whatever looked fun as I worked.

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