Saturday, December 8, 2012

Harry Potter Banner Tutorial

These banners were one of my favorite decorations of the entire Harry Potter Party.
Luckily they were pretty simple to make too.

I have explained the sewing steps and needed materials below, but
before you begin you need to make the House Applique and House Name Applique.

For mine, I found some images on the internet I liked from Nicholas Hyde found here.
They made some pretty cool Harry Potter Banners, but they weren't quite the style I was going for, but they were part of the inspiration.  So I blew the images up and cut out the animals. The printable link is below.  
Then for the House Name, I hired my neighbor, who has an embroidery business and at excellent cost, so I just went through him.  But, had he not been around, I was going use Iron On letter.  So be creative.

Harry Potter House Mascot Pattern Printables found: HERE.
(it doesn't show a preview image, but they are just black and white images. 2 pages per animal, so it will print 8 pages)

Then for the banners, they were the easiest part of the whole process, here are the steps:
(you can click on the image and save it to your computer to print out)

For the rest of the Harry Potter Murder Mystery Dinner Party details, printables, tutorials and the Murder Mystery Dinner Script look: here

And for the original Harry Potter Party with tons of printables, recipes, and much more look: here

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