Monday, December 10, 2012

Harry Potter Daily Prophet & Quibbler Tutorial

So a few more details from the Harry Potter Mystery Dinner Party.
I was trying to make the whole house feel like part of the Wizarding World.
So, having plenty of Daily Prophet newspapers and Quibbler magazines around seemed appropriate.
I also pinned them up all over the walls, layered them under books and as floor coverings under the owl cages, etc. 

I first thought I would have to make them from scratch myself, so I perused the internet for images of them as inspiration and ideas to duplicate.  But then I found these ideas from, Grace's Scrap Attic...I mentioned her in my first Harry Potter Party Post, found: Here

So, to make them I just found several images off the internet and blew them up, printed them off, trimmed and glued them was really quite quick and simple.

The Daily Prophet printables can be found: Here
The Quibbler printables can be found: Here

For the rest of the Harry Potter Murder Mystery Dinner Party details, printables, and tutorials look: here

And for the original Harry Potter Party with tons of printables, recipes, and much more look: here



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