Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Clean the Washing Machine

With all the spring cleaning in the air, cleaning the washing machine is often forgotten.  But I found a great tutorial for cleaning the inside of your machine from Ask Anna, found here
It is quick and easy 3 steps.
{image from Ask Anna}

Step 1: Fill machine up with water.  Add 2 cups of white vinegar and let sit for 1 hour.
Step 2: Start the machine over and let it run a complete cycle.
             Once drained, Wipe down the inside.  All the grime will rub off easily.
Step 3: Fill machine up again and add 2 cups of bleach.  Let soak for 1 hour.
Step 4: While soaking, clean the outside.

* This is where I add my own little trick. I use an old credit card 
(mine is actually an Albertson's Club Card).  
It fits into all the cracks easily and gets all the grime out.
You'd be shocked how dirty it can get.  

Do you have a Front Loader Washing Machine?  
Ever wondered how to clean and maintain a front loading washing machine.  Here is a great tutorial.  This lady's laundry was not washing well and smelling and she found the solution.  Found at: www.ecokaren.com.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Dollar Store Magic Eraser

I love the Dollar Store Magic Erasers.
They work just as well as the name brand Magic Erasers, but are 2 for $1.00

And I use them often so I go through them fast.

*sorry my picture is showing the color dingy and yellow...but it is actually bright white

 Combine it with a disinfectant and it cleans up a trash can amazingly well.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Returning from a long Vacation

So...I have returned from a long vacation.  The beginning was actually a vacation. Relaxing and on the beach, but the majority of the rest entailed lots of work but lots of fun 2+ months of out of town weddings, trips, holidays, and family.

But I am back and I must apologize for not responding to comments, a few mistakes, and the lack of posts.

First Update:  Shared and Editing Documents

All downloadable files in my posts have been fixed and can be freely downloaded as well as opened/edited through google documents.  (after the many emails asking for permission...I realized the problem and they are shared and free to edit).  I hope that helps.  Continue to email me if there are more questions or confusion.

Second Update: Printable Reverent Book - links are fixed

Sorry for the mix up and the Tithing page is now available.  
found: here
Hope that helps!

Final Update: New Computer

Amongst all the changes I got a new computer...transition to a Mac is a bit confusing and my camera is not cooperating.
So as soon as I can get it to download my pictures...I will be posting.  Should be soon.
Thanks again!


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