Tuesday, May 29, 2012

30 + Fathers Day Gift Ideas & Printables

Over THIRTY Father's Day Gifts and Ideas.

Stumped on what to do for Father's Day?  Here are some fun ideas for you and your kids.

After a lot of searching on pintrest and some of my favorite sites, I collected my favorite Free Father's Day Gift ideas, Father's Day Craft ideas, Father's Day printables, and anything else to do with Father's Day that I liked.  And they are all linked below.
Several of these links have multiple crafts, printables, and gift ideas.

homemade father's day gifts: tons of ideas!

Tons of Free Ideas!  Free Father's Day Printables, Father's Day Crafts, Gifts, Cards, Coupons, Scavenger Hunts, and more...

Father's Day Printables & Gift Ideas.

Father's Day is almost here.  
We've been working on projects the kids are making and some fun treats.
Below are Mason Jar Treats with labels for Father's Day,
Father's Day coupons, "Daddy Dollars",
And a Father's Day Treasure & Treat Hunt with clues.
All free printables are found below.
Father's  Day Printable Tags

Father's Day Printable Candy Treasure Hunt

 Father's Day Printable Coupons: Daddy Dollars

Printable Father's Day Labels 

 Printable Father's Day Mason Jar Labels

Father's Day Printable Coupons
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free Printable Kid Scavenger Hunts

Here are some Kid Scavenger Hunts.
I made them to buy me a little time now and them while keeping their minds working.

*Click on the picture to save and print*
I placed mine inside a plastic sheet protector and use dry erase markers.
This way they can be reused again and again!

For younger children they just check it off when they are done...for those a little older I have them see how many of each object they can find: 

 Color Scavenger Hunt find one thing in each color...
or see how many things in each color you can find!

Shape Scavenger Hunt
same idea

Number Scavenger Hunt:
Find something with the number on it
or find that many of a chosen item.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt:
same idea!

I also created some Outdoor Scavenger Hunts to keep the kiddos busy...
One for the yard:
And one for taking a walk:


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