Friday, November 9, 2012

Kids Pirate Party

As I discussed in the Pirate Party Invitation Post & the Adult Pirate Party Post...
we did a double birthday party for my two boys.

With Halloween so close, I worked hard to keep things inexpensive and simple.
So between free printables from the internet and some Dollar Store shopping, it was covered.

First I made made the invitations found: Here.
(Free printable download)

Then for decorations and favors we hit the Dollar Tree.
Necklaces, Skull Rings, Eye Patches, Pirate Hats, Coins, Tattoos and Hooks.  For a Dollar I got a set for each child.  $1 bought a set with: hat, eye patch, & a hook.  So I bought 1 package of necklaces, 1 package of tattoos, 1 package of pirate coins, & skull rings (which were also used in the invitations) 

With 8 kids invited that was $8 plus $4 for the extras.

I also used plastic table clothes, cut into strips, for sashes. ($2 for 1 red and 1 blue) Then all of this made for a simple centerpiece and decor around the room.  Just added a few books, a jewelry chest & some wire baskets...but use anything you have on hand.

From a previous party, I had some gravel spray painted in silver and gold. A simple addition.

For the rest of the decorations, I used 2 poster boards. (2 for $1 at the Dollar Tree)
And 1 black round plastic table cloth.  

The poster board made sails above the buffet and the table cloth, 
made the bottom of the ship under the food. Shown below.

I also printed off some cute cupcake sails and sea wave cupcake liners found at: Cottage Industrialist
The black pirate flag cupcake toppers found at:
Then I made some labels and pirate signs free printables below.
*For the Kid's Party, I didn't actually do the food above, this was from the Adult Party.  You can find it in detail in this Pirate Party Post
Instead for the Kid's Party, which I forgot to take a picture of, I just ordered two $5 cheese pizzas. Served with Punch, Candied Popcorn, Shark Bait (Goldfish), and Chocolate Pirate Ship Cupcakes...all of which were served for the previous party too...making life much easier.

Here is a better look at the costume pieces the kids received.

Then for entertainment.

We started with a Treasure Hunt.
Free Printable Treasure Map found below.
The treasure chest was a painted shoe box, filled with necklaces, the Hooks, and candy.

Then we played several games.
1. Bowling with Toilet Paper Rolls.

2. Fishing for Treasure: Using a Dollar Store Fishing Pole set and Printable Pirate Gold, found below.  I just attached magnets to the fishing pole and pirate gold.  

3. We also played Pin the Pirate Hat on the Skeleton: A Dollar Store Halloween Skeleton Decoration and Printable Pirate Hats found below.

4. I Had A Little Pirate: Similar to the game Duck Duck Goose, but you carry around a little pirate (I used a rubber ducky with an eye patch we previously owned. The kid carries the pirate ducky saying, "I had a little pirate and he wont bite you, and he wont bite you...but he will bite you" going around the circle then placing it behind the kid that is now "it".  Then the chosen child picks it up and chases them around the circle, just like Duck Duck Goose.

5. Musical Flags: Musical chairs/Cake walk.  So drew some pirate flags and they walked on them in a circle with music playing...when the music stopped everyone had to stand on a flag, the one without a flag was out. 

6. Then we made some Spy Glasses found: here

So the Grand Total was: $39
$8 for pirate hat & set
$4 for packs of necklaces, rings, tattoos, and coins
$2 for table cloth sashes (I actually had mine on hand)
$1 for 2 poster boards
$1 for round table cloth

$4 for treasure candy
$1 fishing set
$1 skeleton

$10 pizza
$1 for Punch (Sprite with Cherry Kool-aid)
$1 for Goldfish
$2 Candied Popcorn (estimate and used for 2 parties)
$3 Cupcakes (estimate for used for 2 parties)

Free Pirate Party Downloads:

The cute cupcake printables & pirate bunting from Cottage Industrials were found: here
She also includes printable eye patches, pirate hats, and you could save money there.
And there are thank you card printables, which my boys look around it is a great site!

Tattered & Inked: also had great printables.  I used some for decorations and I also used them to write the clues for our treasure hunt. 

And I loved Paging Super Mom's Spy Glass Printable project and Flags.  I used them for cupcake toppers.

Here are the Free Pirate Printables I made for the party.
Click on the image to enlarge then save to your computer

Printable Treasure Map 
2 options (then draw in your course to the treasure)

Printable Pirate Gold Coins
(I didn't make these, I found them at Reading with Kids, but I just put them 12 to a sheet instead of one.)
 Printable Treasure Chest
(This also was from Reading with Kids, and I didn't use it...just too complex for the little kids at our party, but I loved it!)

Printable Pirate Hats
(I made them for Pin the Hat on the Skeleton)

Printable Pirate Party Food Labels & Printable Pirate Party Signs and Labels.
(including a blank set to customize) 
(I used the free fonts: Ringbearer & Party Business)

Pirate Party Invitations found: here

 More Pirate Party Ideas, Recipes, & Fun found: here



  1. Are you looking for ideas for birthday party and mermaid birthday party awesome celebration? Plus, theme music and dance add a special touch to any celebration.

  2. thank you soooooooo much for your pirate-themed ideas! :)

    we used your treasure map printable for our playdough table:

  3. Hi, Where did you get the $1 pirate's hat?
    I'm inviting 30 children so a bit struggle with the budget.


    1. It's probably too late to help, but on the invites to my son's party, I wrote "wear your pirate gear ---if you dare!" 2/3 of the kids came in some sort of pirate get up. I had minimal pirate props to add to if they didn't have any. Worked out great on the budget!

  4. What fun!! I too am curious where you found the pirate hats so cheap!

  5. You are incredible! I LOVE your ideas!

  6. I love these ideas! Simple and cute! Just what I need for my child's next birthday party!

  7. I can't find the printables! The link just comes back to this page. Help, please!

  8. I mostly like the spy glasses. I surely grasp amazing ideas for making best kids pirate party. Thanks for sharing the post.



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