Thursday, December 6, 2012

Harry Potter Broom Tutorial

So, I personally loved these!  And I was so excited to make them, because even after our Harry Potter Mystery Dinner, I will still use them in the future for Halloween Witch Broom decorations, or for a witch costume, etc.  One of the few decorations from our party I will get to use more than once.

This was also a simple project, and very inexpensive.
In fact, the hardest part was finding a long stick for the broom stick.  I ended up using some old Tiki Torches I bought this summer at the Dollar Store.

But otherwise, it was a little wrapping/tape job, painting, and gluing.  The longest part was waiting for the paint on the sticks to dry.
You can paint these with spray paint or craft paint, I used both.
Also, for the twigs, I just got them from my sister's tree, but any will do.

Instructions for making witch/wizard brooms:

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