Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Fun

Well its summer and school is out, the weather is nice...or hot...
but either way we have been out finding all kinds of new ways to play.
Because so many of the ideas I have seen around were such a hit with my boys and the neighbor kids, I figured I'd compile our favorites and share!  Any other ideas you might have, be sure to comment...I'm always looking for more activities to keep the boys busy!

Here are a bunch of Fun Summer Activities for kids. Lots of easy and inexpensive ideas to keep any kid busy for hours.  Great ways to cool off, entertain, or just try something new!

Since we live on a bit of a hill, this was a big hit for the kids.
I found it at Camo and Bows.

15 backyard games from IMOM.COM

Here are some fun printable Scavengar Hunts found at Smashed Peas & Carrots
More Scavengar Hunts (indoor, outdoor, walks, colors, etc) I previously posted Here.

This was a great idea for all ages. Found over at
A fun twist on the idea, add some glow sticks in the bottles and make it night bowling.

Simple fun from Counting Coconuts...
we dumped ours upside down out of the container and them then hit away.

Hit the balloons into the baskets. had this fun idea...and 19 other fun activities.

Come Together Kids had this simple but ingenious idea.
You can buy the container at Walmart for 5 dollars.  

This can be purchased over at Chasing Fireflies...
or we just used Hula Hoops and Dollar Store Balls and it was a big hit.

My boys loved this!  Just be sure not to inhale...
super easy directions found at Betz White

50 things to do with your trampoline!!!
From really simple, to fun entertaining and night ideas.
Check them out at Rave & Review

One Charming Party had some great ideas for the outdoors and entertaining.
With tutorials and cute decoration ideas.

Fun Water Games from Create My Event

And if you have little ones, this is a collection of fun, easy things to do with toddlers.
All of which are a big hit with my little guys.
Found at Mixie Studio

And for when its just too hot outside here are a few indoor activities to keep the kids entertained...

What kid doesn't like playing with Homemade Gak.
Lil Luna shares the recipe to make it yourself.

Homemade Silly Putty from Making Memories with Your Kids

Mommy Savers had this fun idea.  Freeze colored water in Ice Cube Trays.
Then drop them in the tub and let the kids chase them around the water.  They slip out of their hands making a fun game and slowly add color to the bath water.

Bath time paints are also fun, Team Dischinger has an easy recipe to follow
or use food coloring and shaving cream for a fluffy paint... I will post about it soon.

This cute little idea came from Pigtails & Tutus.
And be sure to look through her blog it is full of tons of fun ideas for kids year round!


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