Friday, June 24, 2011

Cars 2

With Cars 2 coming out today, we are making a party of it!

We will be going to the Drive-Ins. 
(It seemed appropriate for the theme of the film... And it adds to the excitement!)

Since we can go in our own car the boys get new matching Car's Pajamas and backpacks filled with goodies. Glow Sticks, Car's Toys, and Cars themed treats.
I think I might possibly be more excited than they are.

Cozy Cones (Bugles), Black Wall Tires (Oreos), Popped Tire Repair Kit (Popcorn)
Free Cars 2 Download and Printable Baggie Toppers found: here
Free Cars 2 Download and Printable Popcorn Label found: here

Lightning McQueen & Mater Juice Bottles (found in the juice isle at the grocery store)
PJs and backpack for $5 at Walmart. And other Cars gadgets from Target's $1 Bins.

Also, to keep them busy while we wait for the movie to start I printed all kinds of activities from the Cars 2 website. 
Grandma sent some new matchbox cars from this new movie that they can also bring in the backpacks.
And of course, we will be bringing our large collection of matchbox cars from the original Cars Movie.

Cars 2 official website found: here

It is full of all kinds of activities to do on the computer, treats to make, printable activities, etc.
Below are the ones I'm bringing tonight.

Radiator Springs Town and Cars found: here

3-D Lightning McQueen Paper Craft found: here

3-D Mater Paper Craft found: here

Racer's Road Manual found: here

Cars 2 Porto Corsa Paper Race Way found: here

Cars 2 Tokyo Paper Race Way found: here

Cars 2 Activity Pack found: here
(coloring pages, character cut outs, activity pages, etc)


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