Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kids Travel Car Mat

This Felt Car Mat is the simplest project I think I have done yet. 
You just need about ten minutes plus some:
Felt, Scissors, & Hot Glue.

Using a sheet of green felt as the mat.  I cut out some simple road, parking lot, dirt, and water pieces and hot glued them on. It was embarrassingly easy.  And no it is not the fanciest car track, but it has hands down been my son's favorite of all the projects I have made. 

So I got the basic idea from Serving Pink Lemonade.  But I made mine so it rolls or folds up easily.
I tuck it and a few cars in a small ziploc baggie or just in my purse for appointments and restaurants
and he loves it.

And I highly suggest looking over at Serving Pink Lemonade, the car mats she shows are so cute and sturdy.
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