Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Foaming Soap Recipe

Want to refill your foam soap dispenser? And save money?

I love foaming soap, but we go through it so much faster than regular liquid soap.
And I like saving money.  Liquid soap you can buy the bulk refillable, but not foaming soap. 
But with the simple recipe to make foaming soap, you can not only refill it and save a ton of money, but it also uses about a tenth of the soap it takes to refill a regular soap bottle. So you save even more.

Foam Soap Recipe:
- Foaming Soap Dispenser
- Liquid Soap (Can be hand soap or liquid dish soap)
- Hot Water
*Optional: Soap Fragrance Oil

Fill Foaming Soap Dispenser 1/8th full of liquid soap.  If you are using fragrance oils, add in 15-30 drops. Then slowly pour in hot water.  *Don't fill quite to the top, the pump takes up a bit of room. Stir until completely mixed. Don't shake or it foams over the top. Screw on Pump and you're done.

I bought liquid hand soap that had no fragrance and added oil and it worked great.  But I found Liquid Dish Detergent has a stronger fragrance  and color so that was easier and cheaper.

*I also like to match my choice of fragrance with the original soap from my pump. That way they match and no one knows.


  1. I did this last month with the lemon scent by my kitchen sink. I used liquid dish soap Dawn)but I really like the idea of the scented oils and the fact that you figured out the ratios, I just guessed. I'd love for you to link up at DIY Thrifty Thursday @ wwww.thrifty101.blogspot.com

  2. I have done this for years. It works to keep the "little hands" in my house clean (the grown up ones too) with my budget still intact. Over the years, I have found that liquid dish detergent (like dawn) mixes better and foams more. The kids love the foaming action, they can fill their hands with soap. Dawn Hand Renewal dish detergent leaves our hands soft with a pleasant soft smell - no scented oil needed!
    Thanks - Christine

  3. Christine- I have found I stick with the liquid detergent too...it is just fast and easier. But when I want a particular scent, like apple or pear (which are my favorite then I go with the oils).
    Thanks and I love your blog.

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