Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby Tie & Toddler Tie

I wanted cute ties for my boys for Easter, but shopping around and there wasn't a great selection.  Baby ties particularly were hard to find.  So I looked around and found a perfect tutorial for a little kid or toddler tie at: Equal Opportunity Crafter. I used this to make the bigger tie.

But I wanted a simple clip on for my baby.  Trying to tie an actual tie was asking a bit much. 
 I looked and didn't find any great tutorials.  So I made a simple tutorial below.
It can be used for a baby or toddler and the size is easy to adjust. 
Just cut any extra length off of top of tie.

Baby or Toddler Tie Template and Patter. Free Printable and Download: click here and here

Supplies Needed for Baby Tie:
15 in x 15 in piece of fabric (I used the scraps left over from the Toddler tie)
Interfacing (optional: I didn't bother)
Hinged Pin

Baby Tie Directions:
Cut out material to match pattern. (Does not need to be cut on bias.)
Cut twice for tie material and cut one of interfacing.

Main Tie:
Match fronts of fabric face to face. Place interfacing  on top and pin all three layers together.
Sew as dotted lines on pattern show.
Turn right side out.
Fold outer corners of tie in and tack with a few small stitches.  As seen in picture.
Decide on length of tie then: gather top of tie and stitch.

Knot of Tie:
Cut one. No interface needed for knot.
Fold in half, so fronts of fabric are facing. Stitch up the one side as shown in diagram.
Turn right side out, creating long tube.
Fold into knot as shown in pictures.

Put all together. 
Tuck the top of main tie into the knot. 
Covering the gathered area. Stitch to secure.
Add pin for securing to child's shirt.


  1. What a great tutorial!! Thanks so much for linking! :)

  2. this is soooo adorable. makes me want a little boy haha :D

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday! Hope to see ya again later this week :)

  3. Cute little baby ties - you sure make it look easy!



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