Friday, April 29, 2011 has to be one of my, actually my husband's, favorite sites. 
And in many ways it is addicting.  It is a website that posts all the great deals all over the nation, online, in stores, restaurants, anything.  It is simple to use.  And they have this great feature, where you can submit what you are looking for and they email you when deals for that product come up.

Some of the amazing deals we have used it for:
- 2 boxes of printer paper (10 reams per box) for $8 with free shipping and delivered in 2 days!
- Men's tungsten wedding ring for $12.
- Drywall Hooks (As Seen on TV) 40 for $3.50. 
                    (these are amazing by the way.)
-$100 putter for free with any purchase.  So we bought a bag of tees. With shipping & tees it totalled $9.

I can't even think of all the things we've got, from free meals at restaurants, coupons, Las Vegas trips, camping equipment, diapers, cereal, computer equipment...and so much more!

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