Saturday, February 9, 2013

Preschool Practice: Word Family Worksheets

It feels like forever since I taught in the classroom, 
but now working with my kids at home it reminds me how much I loved it...and miss it.

My son is in preschool and loves reading.  He's just beginning; so as we are learning the basic skills of reading. 
And we are currently focusing on Word Families.
We talk about how they rhyme and how they look alike and how it is a "trick,"
 if you know the family, you can read all the words and read them fast.

So we have been playing lots of fun games, but to further practice the skills, I made some word family worksheets. 
After scribbling them on random papers for him to practice each day, I figured I should just print some up.

Printable Word Family Worksheets found: here

*TIP:  I love Plastic Worksheet Covers!  I got mine from the Target Dollar Bins last fall, but even a plastic sheet protector would work.  Then just use dry erase markers or crayons and the worksheet can be used over and over.

Additional Word Family Resources:
Here are some fun resources for Word Family Games.  

Word Family Flip Books
(Free Download at PositivelyLearning)

Word Family Egg Twist

Paint Chip Word Family Strips
(found at JoyfullyWeary)

If you have any of your own fun ideas, please share!

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