Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Budgeting 101: Monthly Grocery Shopping

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Budgeting 101: Class 2

Here is a break down of what I spend and on what each month:

Because I "MEAL PLAN" & plan my months meals in advance I know the basics I will need each month. These do not use up my entire budget, so I use the remaining money on any other needs and wants.

My Monthly Grocery List:

Monthly Groceries:
Chicken (15lb) = $26
Ground Turkey/Beef (6lb) = $10
Milk (2 gallons)= $5
Cheese (3lb) = $6
Yogurt (4 large containers)= $12
Cottage Cheese (2) = $2
Eggs (2 doz.) = $3
Bread (4 loafs) = $6
Tortillas (3) = $3
Broccoli (4 crowns)= $3.50
Spinach (2 bags)= $3.50
Apples (10) = $4
Bananas (4 bunches)= $10
Tomatoes (6)= $2
Potatoes (10lb)= $2
Frozen Vegetables (5 bags)= $4.50
Subtotal: $ 102.50

Food Storage Items (used every month)
Rice (6lb) = $3
Oats (2.5-3lb)= $3
Noodles (2.5lb)= $2
Beans (10 cans)= $5
Spaghetti Sauce (4 lg. cans)= $3
Subtotal: $16

Monthly House/Hygiene Needs:
Diapers (extra large box) =$20
Wipes (350 wipes) =$6
Subtotal: $26

GRAND TOTAL: $144.50

*Now, these PRICES are STANDARD SALE AND/OR STORE PRICES, but I OFTEN FIND THESE ITEMS FOR LESS...which gives even more money for other things.  

So this list doesn’t included everything I purchase each month.  This is the basic list of needs for the month.  
The items I know I use because I have my meals planned.

Now, looking back at my budget:

Budget: $300
Groceries and Household = $200
Food Storage = $100

I still have  $155.50 left 
(Groceries and Household: $71.50 & Food Storage: $84)

So with this money, I buy other items that don't need to be restocked EVERY month and additional items we may need/want.  
I buy bulk paper products like: Toilet Paper, Paper Plates, etc. These last about 3-6 months, so these get purchases with this spare money as needed.
Snacks, condiments, extra ingredients, items for special meals, hygiene products, cleaning products, paper products, and staples like flour, sugar, etc. These items are not needed every month so, I buy them as needed, but USUALLY I wait for a great sale to buy them and stock up.

In the next few posts I will explain how I use the groceries above to make my MONTH OF MEALS and how I MEAl PLAN.

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