Thursday, February 21, 2013

Budgeting 101: Coupons

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Budgeting 101: Class 7

As I mentioned at first,  I am not a fancy couponer.  I tried serious couponing in the past and it has some good advantages.  But personally for my life style it wasn’t as successful.  I didn’t want to commit enough time to make it more profitable.  But for those of you that do, then keep it up!

The Couponing Process I do use is rather simple.
I check through the circulars I get in the mail, like Red Plum, and I keep any coupons for things I already plan on buying or  … I keep ones for cleaning supplies, Beauty Supplies, etc. 

When I have my shopping list I check this website:
For any coupons that will match the things I am purchasing.  Usually they have a milk coupon (any brand) and cheese coupon (any brand),  cereal, and a few others I might need.

I then use Price Matching and add my coupons to the price matched items and items on my shopping list at Walmart. I also use coupons at Winco. Neither Walmart or Winco double coupons, but with the better price matching and sale prices it saves a lot.

Helpful Sites:
These sites compile lists of sale items in local grocery stores. They have a rating for how good the sale is and they connect the information/link for  any coupons that work for these deals.  It is very convenient!
It also can be referred to when you want to know how good a deal/sale is. 

When Shopping:
But when I am shopping, I still double check that the store brand isn’t cheaper than the name brand item with a coupon. USUALLY, I find the store brand is cheaper than a name brand item with a coupon.  Unless, the name brand is on sale and the coupon savings can be added to the sale price.

*BUT, don't misunderstand, "Real Couponers" can find the sales, double/triple coupons, etc to make the deals even better...Which is amazing. But the process didn't work for my life style, so I settle for these simple ways of saving money.

Things I find profitable to coupon:
-Health and Beauty Products
-Cleaning Supplies
-Milk & Cheese (when it is for any brand)
-Items you ONLY buy the name brand of
-Lunch Meat (Land-O-Frost)

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