Thursday, May 2, 2013

Budgeting 101: You Can Do More

Want to read about the rest of the Budgeting 101 Series? Find it: HERE.

Budgeting 101: Class 10

Best  Advice/You can Do More
You Can Do More:
Looking for more ways to save?
Shop: Garage Sales, 2nd Hand Stores, Craigslist

Want to Bring in some extra Money?
Sell stuff on: Craig’s List or local classifieds like KSL, Facebook, Etsy, Amazon,, Garage Sale
Build your Blog to make money
Babysit/ Daycare/ Preschool
Yard Work Maintenance
Clean Houses
Walk Dogs/Pet Sit
Earn Online Points: such as Points 2 Shop

Spend less than you Make
Learn to live off of one income
Pay Yourself a Car you can buy with cash
Stick to your budget
Avoid Credit

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