Thursday, January 31, 2013

Preschool Practice: Printable Dolch Site Word Worksheets

Sight Words.
An important step in early reading.

Sight words are often referred in two categories. 
1. Commonly used words (so readers should be able to recognize them by site, to speed up their reading)
2. Non-decodable words (tricky words that can't be sounded out)

My little preschooler is not a fan of sight words.  He doesn't like something he can't figure out (sound out) on his own.  So I made a bunch of worksheets to help him practice and get more familiar with them.

This set of sight words includes the most commonly used sight words and the "non-decodable" words.
Since the Dolch Sight Word lists includes many words he can sound out, I first want him practicing those that he can't.  Because to me, these are the most important for beginning readers.
This Set, comes with 2 worksheets.  Additional posts and links below for my other worksheets that include all of the Dolch Sight Words.

For those of you working with little ones at home or at school I uploaded the printables to share.
Use them for Preschool, Homeschool, Teaching, or Co-ops, but please don't redistribute. 

Download printable Basic Site Word Worksheets: here

The whole collection and other worksheets check my TeacherPayTeachers Shop: here.

For more posts Education Resources and Worksheet Printables check: here.

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