Saturday, January 26, 2013

2 Ingredient Chocolate Frosting

The other day I got a bit behind getting ready for a party and needed a fast solution for frosting.
I gambled on trying something totally new and something I had never heard of...but knowing it would be super fast, I figured if it flopped it wouldn't set me back but a minute.
So I tried it.  Cool Whip plus some Instant Chocolate Pudding.
And it totally worked!
It actually tasted really good.  Light and whipped with a mousse texture. 
I will definitely do this again and trying other flavors of pudding as well.

2 Ingredient Chocolate Frosting

1 Tub of Cool Whip (Frozen whipped topping) 
1/3-1/2 of Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix (3.5 oz package)

Thaw Cool Whip. Fold in pudding mix until combined.  Pipe onto Cupcakes and chill.
(after chilling for roughly an 1 hour, they hold up fine at room temperature)

*Store brands for both the whipped topping and the pudding work just as well.

P.S. this little Wilton Cupcake definitely the way to go for transporting cupcakes.
I love that all the frosting doesn't bump and smear on the surrounding cupcakes.
It's definitely worth a try!

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  1. Seriously??! Ok. I have to try this....and soon! Thanks for sharing. :)

    {found your link on Tip Junkie}

  2. This sounds "awfully bad"! So, I must try it, just to be sure I don't like it....but, what's not to like? I add cool whip on top of my pudding all the time and swirl the two together, lol!!!



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