Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Harry Potter Mystery Dinner Party Printables

More about the
The details were what made this party so much fun.
Lots of late nights, and random projects all coming together.
For the Dining Hall we decorated the table with dusty, old, antique books, lots of candles, and cascading fruit and vegetables...and a few rat and birds.
The ceiling was covered in lights and tulle to give the feel of an "Enchanted Ceiling".
I tried several ideas for floating candles, all of which failed or wavered on a fire hazard.
And with a fog machine, some Hogwarts House banners, sconces, and a roaring fireplace...it seemed magical!

But my favorite room had to be the bathroom.
It wasn't much...a trail of spiders to the faucet with little sign, plenty of cobwebs and a Ministry of Magic Sign on the toilet lid.  BUT MY FAVORITE DETAIL, was the hidden ipod with clips of Moaning Murtle playing on repeat.  Just a little surprise for any guests coming into the restroom.
The house had plenty of signs and printable labels all around.

And of course Hogsmeade was full of Printable Labels.  So find the download link below.
But for all of the party details check the post: Here
Download Harry Potter Mystery Dinner Party Printables: Here
Ministry of Magic Download found: Here
This download also includes other Signs and the Food Labels. 
As seen in the pictures below.

Tons of ideas, tutorials, printables, recipes, invitations, Murder Mystery Script and more...
The Original Harry Potter Murder Mystery Dinner Party post found: here

And for our first Harry Potter Party with tons of printables, recipes, and much more look: here


  1. Hello, I am unable to access the printables for my little brother's party. They keep showing up as "deleted" and "mediafire is not working" please email aconthecomputer@gmail.com if you have any information. Thank you!

  2. I am interested in throwing this party! Did anyone send you all the materials? Can you forward them on to me? lolhfadal@yahoo.com

  3. Hey!! Mediafire is missing the links? Can you send them to me? tiffany.wibbenmeyer@gmail.com



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