Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Favorite Air Freshener

My absolute favorite air freshener is: Pure Citrus Air Fresheners (in the Orange Scent).

I learned about this years back in a seminar on Organization and Reducing Stress.  They sprayed this and recommended it for relaxation.  And yes, it is relaxing, but it also smells amazing!  It's just like that smell when you peel and orange.  Which would make scents because it is made from highly concentrated citrus oils from fresh oranges or citrus fruit (depending on the scent you choose). 

It is 100% NATURAL, Non- Aerosol, No Chemicals, Eco-Friendly, and eliminates odors imediately and naturally.
The ingredients are: 100% oils found in fresh citrus fruit. (pretty impressive)

It also doesn't stain or discolor fabrics, carpets, etc.
I used to buy it at Walmart, but recently went to get some more and my Walmart was out, so I found it here at ($5.99) and here at ($4.99) , both are slightly higher priced than Walmart (I hope I remember right) at $3.50 ish.

Anyways, it is great smelling and I never worry about the chemicals in my house with kids, being pregnant, or just for overall health...and it helps that my husband loves it, so we use it regularly!

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