Saturday, February 20, 2010


So I have been putting off starting this, since I didn't quite know where to begin.  I have so many things and thoughts going through my mind, I couldn't quite figure out where to start.  Basically this is a place for me to organize my ideas, tips, and anything I think is a great idea!  I hope it will help others and I'm crossing my fingers that others will one day respond with their own suggestions for me!

I am a "Stay at Home" mom with lots of side ambitions and interests I like to be involved in, but my first priority is my family and home.  So I constantly try to find ways to improve what I am doing, simplify, while keeping the quality!  I love to be organized and have a sparkling clean home, but I don't like to be stuck cleaning all day.  I love things that are healthy and wish I didn't love things that aren't...but I do!  I love decorating, projects, and crafts...but I don't like to spend lots of money or too much time!  So with all of this, and much more I didn't include, I am looking to do it all, with out running here is to balance!

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