Sunday, February 28, 2010

Craving Fix!

Let me start by saying I am not very self disciplined when it comes to cravings. I like food and sweets and I like to be able to enjoy them! So I figure if I eat rather healthy most of the time it will balance the unhealthy things I eat.

But, I recently found one thing that tastes amazing and will hit my craving spot easily! They are the Baskin Robins hard candies. They are 20 calories a piece, but they taste so much like the ice cream flavors they claim!

So when I have a sweet tooth I can suck on one of these and the taste lasts longer than if I ate the bowl of ice cream...and way less calories and fat!

My favorite flavor is the Mint Cookies and Cream, it is amazing! (this also takes care of my Mint Oreo Cookie cravings...which I have often!)

So just a suggestion! And I got mine at the Dollar Store, so they are cheap too!

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