Friday, February 26, 2010

Herb Seasoned Chicken

When it comes to cooking I am all about fast, easy, healthy...and of course tasty! 

This recipe has lots of flavor, from the Potato Herb seasoning packet and it always tastes great!
As I made it last night, I decided to time myself, and it honestly took me 11 minutes (minus the cooking time)!  I cut, rolled, and seasoned the chicken, scrubbed the potatoes, and washed and cut the broccoli...And that included an interruption from my 16 month old son throwing his ball right into the raw chicken!  Which I then had to frantically disinfect and clean up! So this is clearly a quick and easy meal!

But really, this is a super simple twist on baked chicken.  It doesn't require dipping the chicken in egg, which saves a lot of time and mess, and it still tastes great! 

I also made mine healthier by using WHOLE wheat flour, that was freshly ground. 
(No, it was not intended for this recipe, just left over from making bread.)

Since my family currently consists of my husband, my young son, and I...I plan all meals to feed 3-4.  This way we can all eat and I pack the remaining Serving for my husband's lunch the following day.  But, if your family is bigger, double or triple the recipe!  I figured it would be easier to double than cut down!

So try it and and tell me your thoughts or ideas!

...More easy, inexpensive, and delicious recipes to come!


  1. Hey, I like your kind of meals! Now I have a question for you. I bought a bag of frozen chicken tenderloins the other day and I'm wondering if I could use this cut of chicken for this recipe? How long do you think it would take to cook the tenderloins? I always bake my baking potatoes in foil and use foil wraps or a No Stick foil sheet, whichever I grab my hands on to first from the pantry. Baking potatoes seem to take a lot of time and a higher temp, so like you mentioned, start them well ahead of the chicken. I tend to boil my broccoli and then use "browned/burnt butter" on top it..Will broccoli bake inside a foil sheet with some season on it..maybe grated parmesean cheese? Looking for a new way of fixing broccoli without it stinking up the house.

  2. Any way to get a printable version of your recipes please.



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