Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Story of Booing

This is another one of the many times I should have taken a picture but I forgot.

A year ago I got some goodies and this cute poem from a friend ...
But the picture of the ghost and the typing were really blurry and just a bad copy.
So this year I decided to start this tradition up with our family and I revamped the paper.
These are what I came up with.
I cut out the ghost and the Story separately and attached them to some goodies.
Then we took the boys "ding-dong-ditching".
Although I ended up in the car with a crying baby, our older boy loved it.

So here they are.  I doubled it so you could print two per page.
free download and printable Story of Boo-ing found: here

*The ghost image I found for free at:

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