Sunday, October 9, 2011

Book Pumpkins

So I saw this cute idea from Craftberry Bush and fell in love with it.
Whether it is the love for books, or the soft look they give on the traditional pumpkin...
I don't know but I loved them. So I made my own.

I did mine a little different than Craftberry Bush explained, but still very easy.

-Old Book

1. First take an old book (or buy one at good will)
2. Rip off the cover.
3. Trace and cut the cover to make the template for "half" of the pumpkin
4. Cut the edges of the book with scissors, regularly referring to the template.
*I liked cutting thick sections so it roughed up the edges
5. Dip all of the page edges into pot of tea.
6. Glue and/or staple 5-10 of the front and back pages together.
Securing the book into a pumpkin shape.
7. Insert stick with hot glue into the binding.
8. Add Ribbon for the bow.

*I didn't glue mine.  I only stapled the pages and pushed the stick in without glue. 
This way I can easily undo it and store it.

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