Friday, March 25, 2011

Free Formula & Formula Coupons

Formula adds up fast.  So why not get some for free and coupons to help with the costs?

Before I had my first baby I signed up for free samples and coupons with both Similac and Enfamil.  They were offered at my doctor's office.  Even though I breastfed it was great to have the samples on hand for emergencies or even to add to my night feedings, just to hold over the baby's appetite as long as possible.  Both companies also sent other free things, bottles, formula containers, and coupons for other baby items.
And what they send is geared to your babies age. So as they grow, they send coupons and samples for the appropriate needs.

So with my second, I didn't have the little subscription paper to send in, but you can sign up on the websites as well.  Here are a few I signed up for:

Similac: sign up here
Enfamil: sign up here
Gerber: sign up here
Members Mark/ Sam's Club: sign up here
Parent's Choice: sign up here

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