Saturday, September 8, 2012

Free Printable Household Organization Binder

I love to be organized and all the fun organization printables available, but I found I wanted things changed here and there to fit my needs.  So I created my own Household Organizational Binder and I have included the Free Printables.

Click on the following for all of the Free Household Organization Binder Printables:

(***The weekly cleaning downloads, have no preview.  The preview image had an error, so just click the download button that appears to get the Weekly Cleaning Printables***)

My Household Organization Binder includes 10 sections:
1. Schedule
2. Cleaning
3. Meal Plan
4. Food Storage
5. Budget
6. Projects
7. Blog
8. My Goals
9. Family Goals
10. Contacts & Resources

The Schedule section includes: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Agendas and Calendars. A Year @ A Glance, list of Holidays *I also include our families work, sports, & school schedules.

The Cleaning section includes: Cleaning Chore Cards and Sheet, 5 minute Clean Up List, Spring Clean Out and Problem Zones Sheet, House Hold Job Calendar, & Thorough Entire Home Spring Cleaning List

The Meal Plan section includes: Weekly and Monthly Meal Planning Sheets, Entertaining Planning, Shopping Lists, Family Menus, Seasonal Menus, Freezer Meal Lists, & Frozen Meal Preparation List.

The Food Storage section includes: Freezer Inventory, Pantry/Food Storage Inventory, & 3 Month Supply Plans. 

The Budget Section Includes: Coming in Future Blog Post of it's own.

The Projects section includes: Project Lists, Ideas and Resources, Short/Long Term, Small/Big Lists.
The Blog section includes: An Idea and Resource List & Calendar. 

The My Goals section includes: Personal Weekly, Monthly, and Long Term Goal Lists. *A Weekly Goal Check Off Chart not included & notes for my thoughts.

The Family Goals section includes: Family Weekly, Monthly, & Long Term Goal Lists,  A Funny Moments List, *And in mine I add A Weekly Goal Check Off Chart, & Ideas/Resources to help us reach the goals.

The Contacts section includes: Lists of contacts (address, email, phone, etc), Resource List, Babysitting Information Sheet, *And here I include all of our contact lists, directories etc.

This little binder is "my life".  It keeps me organized and on track.  And it gives me a place to put the important papers, notes, etc. Some pages I put in sheet protectors and write on with a white board marker, others I print out and write directly on.  
Many of the lists I created have multiple versions, so look around and find what works for you!  Enjoy.


  1. colleen... i just happened upon this. you are amazing! i wish i was this organized! now i want all of your recipes for all those meals!

    1. ha...diana you are cute! Well thanks and the goal is to put all the recipes on one day! Thanks though and I miss you!



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