Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY Kids Chore Books with Printable

Kids and ongoing search for the perfect solution.
This Chore Book has been my favorite. We still use a reward chart as they are completed, but using this book helps them be independent.  
It is simple, open the book and follow the pages until they are done.  
At bedtime, turn the book over and follow the pages.
Now I am not the one saying, "did you brush your teeth? did you...?"

*UPDATE 6/24*
here is a picture showing how my 3 year old:
1. picked up his room
2. made his bed and
3. put his pajamas under his pillow
All without my help or nagging. So for us this is working.

For our house this has worked amazingly well.  In the morning all I have to say is, "Time to do your jobs" and they know to get the job book.  We race to see who can finish first.  And at night, they start them 30 min. before bedtime.  The faster they finish the more time they get to read before bed.

The pictures are also great because they help even little ones visually see what the job looks like in our house.  
And I can easily slip in and out new picture as their jobs change, or the order needs to be switched up, etc.
One simple thing that has made our house run SO much smoother.

Free Printable Cover Pages Below.
Right now our Job books include:

Morning Jobs:
Go potty,
Get Dressed & Put PJ's away,
Make Bed,
Brush Teeth,
Brush Hair,
Say Prayers

Night Time:
Clean Up Toys,
Go Potty,
Brush Teeth,
Put on PJs & Dirty Clothes in Hamper,
Say Prayers
Family Prayers & Scriptures

Free Printable Cover Pages. (Click on the Picture to Enlarge and Save)
Front Cover:

 Back Cover:

Here is the link to a few different
 Free Printable Chore Charts we us to keep track of all the jobs completed:


  1. This is too cute! I love this idea. Let me know if I can PIN it!

    1. Of all the people to ask... of course you can pin it! That is a compliment to me! You are so cute...and sorry it took me so long to respond, I was out of town. But thanks and hope you and your little family are doing well, I love reading your blog!



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