Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free Printable Kid Scavenger Hunts

Here are some Kid Scavenger Hunts.
I made them to buy me a little time now and them while keeping their minds working.

*Click on the picture to save and print*
I placed mine inside a plastic sheet protector and use dry erase markers.
This way they can be reused again and again!

For younger children they just check it off when they are done...for those a little older I have them see how many of each object they can find: 

 Color Scavenger Hunt find one thing in each color...
or see how many things in each color you can find!

Shape Scavenger Hunt
same idea

Number Scavenger Hunt:
Find something with the number on it
or find that many of a chosen item.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt:
same idea!

I also created some Outdoor Scavenger Hunts to keep the kiddos busy...
One for the yard:
And one for taking a walk:


  1. Thank you so much! We are going to do the color hunt at our church play group this afternoon. I love that it's an appropriate activity for a wide age group.

  2. Hey, thanks for these! I’m actually in the process of thinking about the perfect theme to use in a scavenger hunt. I think the last two sets will be great, since I’m planning to break it up on a picnic. On that note, it’ll make sense to do a nature-inspired scavenger hunt. I think it would also be great to make it a bit more eco-friendly for the kids!

    Rosalinda ^.^



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