Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Returning from a long Vacation

So...I have returned from a long vacation.  The beginning was actually a vacation. Relaxing and on the beach, but the majority of the rest entailed lots of work but lots of fun 2+ months of out of town weddings, trips, holidays, and family.

But I am back and I must apologize for not responding to comments, a few mistakes, and the lack of posts.

First Update:  Shared and Editing Documents

All downloadable files in my posts have been fixed and can be freely downloaded as well as opened/edited through google documents.  (after the many emails asking for permission...I realized the problem and they are shared and free to edit).  I hope that helps.  Continue to email me if there are more questions or confusion.

Second Update: Printable Reverent Book - links are fixed

Sorry for the mix up and the Tithing page is now available.  
found: here
Hope that helps!

Final Update: New Computer

Amongst all the changes I got a new computer...transition to a Mac is a bit confusing and my camera is not cooperating.
So as soon as I can get it to download my pictures...I will be posting.  Should be soon.
Thanks again!

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