Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shellac Nails

After 3 weeks...I didn't even think to take a picture at the beginning.
Excuse my funny shaped toes, but I wanted to show these nails. After 3 weeks, they are flawless.  The only exception being the grow out at my cuticles.

I love nice nails, but I don't love paying for pedicures. Especially on my hands, where nail polish chips with in days or even hours. But after a sweet mother's day gift from my husband, I got to go have a shellac manicure for both my hands and feet. And I have never been as impressed.

 I chose color for my toes, shown above and a french manicure for my hands. They lasted well past the 2 weeks they promised. In fact, I removed my fingers' paint only because they grew out to the point you could see the whites of my own nails coming through. And I wasn't careful with them, I just did things as usual. And things that would cause chipping immediately with normal polish didn't do anything to these.

My toes were able to last longer since they were a color.  I just made sure not to push back my cuticles...postponing the grown out look as long as possible. And, I clipped my nails as they grew, so they weren't too long...and it didn't chip polish.  It kept them looking fresh.

So...in a nutshell, I highly recommend them.
So much, in fact, that I am looking into purchasing the equipment and supplies to do it myself. I'll keep you posted.

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